Col de Mez line

Innovative and original, our Col de Mez line has an unmistakeably modern and authentic style. This line of extraordinary sparkling wine, made from top-quality grapes that are only grown on certain hills, really brings out the passion and experience of our oenologists.

Prosecco DOC line

Passion and tradition are the key features of these wines, which stand out for their freshness and delicate aromas.
A line that is made from selected grapes from the province of Treviso, the heart of Prosecco DOC.

Still wines line

Born from the desire to maintain a strong link with the past, this line is dedicated to lovers of still wine and is produced to bring out the typical characteristics of each variety and the qualities that the land gives to them.

Resistant Wines Line

The care for the respect of nature and of human beings is the pillar on which the line of our wines, obtained by resistant grapes, bases itself. Born from the crossing of grapes, which are naturally stronger and more resistant to fungal diseases, these are wines with genuine flavours, which only wait to be discovered.

Allungo Line

Blending different grapes to create sparkling wines with winning versatility, perfect for any time of day.

Beers line

A selection of craft beers with an original and strong character. You’ll find tradition and quality in every bottle.