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Scoop! 2023 - La grande Festa delle Cooperative


This year we will be in Cortina for the event SCOOP! the only event dedicated exclusively to cooperatives.


Scoop! is renewed and Saturday, July 15 returns for the fifth time in the Pearl of the Dolomites, alongside the promotion of food and wine tastings, show-cooking, events, shows, workshops and important opportunities to deepen.

The theme chosen, "Taste sustainability", underlines the purpose of the event: to understand the importance of cooperative businesses for the local economy, but also tell how they are developing virtuous paths of sustainability, in compliance with the cooperative values and Development Goals set out in the 2030 UN Agenda.


Saturday, July 15 will start at 10.00 with the official inauguration of the event and immediately you will enter the live with the opening of the tasting points for tastings of wines and cheeses of the coop of Belluno and Treviso. The master of ceremony will be Federico Quaranta, face and voice of cult broadcasts such as Decanter - Radio 2, Linea Verde - Rai 1 and Il Provinciale - Rai 1, with its extraordinary ability to tell food, wines, territories and sustainability.

At 10.30 a new collaboration will start, with TEDx Cortina, Cortina Senza Confini and Fondazione Cortina: With Accessibility Maps we will experience the city with the eyes of people with mobility difficulties and we will map the situation of usability of public spaces and premises, also in view of the appointment with the Paralympics of 2026. To accompany us in the path will be three exceptional guests, the world champion of parabob Flavio Menardi, the wheelchair curling Angela Menardi and Moreno Pesce, celebrities of the world of trail and vertical races.

At 11.00, the public will be able to participate in the first of three appointments with the Glimpses of cooperation, the tasty masterclass with tasting that will reveal the secrets of the production of Val Comelico Mezzano di Lattebusche and will tell the value of the cooperative chain thanks to the experience of the Cantina di Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto and La Cooperativa di Cortina.

Also at 11.00, in Piazza Dibona will open the doors of the Casa del Casaro, the workshop led by the expert hands of a craftsman in the dairy sector who will prepare (and will taste) in direct butter, ricotta and mozzarella, explaining the processing phases and revealing the precautions that make cooperative dairy products really special.


The afternoon will open at 13.30, always in Piazza Dibona, with the coolest appointment of the day: the ice cream masters of Mig - International Exhibition of artisanal ice cream and their Sweet temptations will be the heart of a laboratory of ice cream production, thought to reveal the most delicious secrets to children and young people and to make everyone taste it.

In the afternoon Conchiglia will be again the stage of Assaggi di cooperazione: two masterclasses with tasting: at 15.00 La Cooperazione resiliente, will tell the story (and taste) of Grotta del Caglieron cheese from Latteria Soligo and the experiences of adaptability and strength of two particular cooperative companies, Api Dolomiti and CortinaBanca.
At 16.00 instead "The cooperation at the table" will offer the public the opportunity to participate in a successful culinary experiment: the taste of the delicious cheese Rigatino beetroot and cren of Latteria Sant'Andrea accompanied by ice cream prepared by the expert hands of the master ice cream makers of Mig-International Exhibition of artisanal ice cream and the imagination of the starred chef Enzo da Prà, patron of Restaurant Dolada.

In Piazza Dibona the taste knows no breaks and at 15.30 will be the turn of A whole Polenta with cooperative La Fiorita, which will bring to the square its ancient wisdom and the extraordinary flavor from the sponcio corn polenta, the flagship of the Belluno cooperative, accompanied by the taste of cooperative cheeses.

The afternoon will end sweetly, at 17.30, thanks to one of the sweetest temptations, that of Tiramisu: a cooking show with a taste all dedicated to the most famous dessert in the world made by the amazing Lady Chef Giada Bozzolan and Aurora Alexe. A unique moment to grasp the secrets of the teachers and enjoy the tiramisu prepared for the occasion.

At the end of the busy day, at 18.00, Patrizio Roversi, accompanied by the saxophone of Maurizio Camardi, will lead the audience on a journey "Beyond oil", the light-hearted and engaging show composed of voices, images and music collected during the many trips designed to provoke, entertain and make us reflect on environmental protection and climate change, which now characterize everyday life. The show, with free admission, is also the closing moment of the exhibition Robe da Mati conceived and created by the cooperative

Laboratories of sustainability. From 14.00 in front of the House of Rules you can experience the Workshops of sustainability, designed and built by guests of the day center The Cluster, the coop Madonna dei Miracoli, which, armed with imagination, patience and sewing machine, will shape their creativity and imagination of the participants.

Solidarity shop. The products of the cooperatives of Belluno and Treviso in Scoop! are doubly good: they can not only be discovered and enjoyed throughout the day, but also purchased in the Solidarity Shop and brought home; the proceeds will be donated to the Belluno association Insieme si può, in support of the project "Poverty at home".

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