news, press | 09.02.2022

The simplicity of the form with an essence signed Soligo


The new look of the Solicum line

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To give our Solicum line further value, we have decided to certify our sparkling wines as "Millesimato", thus offering the consumer a wine that not only reflects our territory but also guarantees a vintage.

The guidelines of the production process give the possibility to indicate the term "Millesimato" on the label and we at Cantina Colli del Soligo have chosen to use the maximum amount of grapes from the same harvest, therefore 100%, in order to assure ever more authentic and exceptional wines.


Glass Format

Respect for tradition and attention to modernity are aspects that have guided us in the choice of this bottle shape, namely Sciampagnotta, which in 1958 was the first bottle used by our winery for our sparkling wines. From this year we have decided to enrich this bottle with a touch of innovation by personalizing the neck of the bottle by engraving "SOLIGO".

The sparkling wines of the Solicum line are characterized by a fine and persistent perlage, obtained thanks to a slow second fermentation. In order to preserve and enhance this characteristic, the shape of the Sciampagnotta is perfect for allowing the wine to flow delicately into the glass.

Colour of the glass

We wanted to keep the glass green in order to block the ultraviolet light rays and allow optimal conservation of the sparkling wine and all its characteristics.

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